Monday, August 24, 2009

God has made a way!

Hey y´all!

I´ve been away from here for quite some time and soooo much has changed in my life! A few months brought soooo many changes, and I keep trusting the Lord who holds my life and the control of all things.
On April 21st I´ve lost the most important person of my life, my best friend, always ready to listen and counsel, my partner in life and tears, the most precious person that has crossed my path in this life - my precious dad Leon Pelipecki. He passed away just 10 days after his birthday due to a stroke that scared him and surely scared him... and then he went to be with the Lord... what brings me comfort is knowing that we will meet again - SOON!
Following the biggest lost of my life, a relationship that led me and this another person to buy engagement rings and promise to be with each other came to an end in a terrible way - that taught me more that humans fail and not to trust in promises made by men... to trust a Lord that never fails and is always faithful.
The Lord, in the midst of all this, made a way for me to come to the land where He had told me I would be serving eight years ago - the USA. Every single detail about being here was worked out by Him... I could see His precious hands in the smallest things. I had my dad´s blessing before coming and left a country that hadn´t much to offer me as a Christian, since I´ve been called to missions since I first received the Lord... being here is a dream come true!
Atlanta is making more and more dreams possible for me... God is making all things possible to me through His precious love and grace.
In Georgia God has given me a precious church to attend - the Atlanta International Church - a place where I can watch the Spirit moving in amazing ways in every service... I´ve found ministries to serve - the Atlanta Dream Center through my precious friend and sister Jessica in a ministry on Saturdays called "Adopt-A-Block" in which we take the Church to the streets through sharing the overflow of His love and grace for us... I´ve found a family in Christ through College/University ministries such as the BCM - and the awesome pastor Dave Stewart - and ECHO - that has the most powerful worship I´ve seen in my whole life! It´s such a blessing for me to watch lives being transformed, changed, restored, blessed as I go through the healing of facing so many losses in such a short time!
As I walk 'alone' - not anymore with my life-partner, my precious dad Leon - I´m coming closer to my Heavenly Father... it has been a pretty intense and wonderful journey!
I had the choice of sitting down and complaining about all the changes I went through in my life or simply recklessly abandon me in the arms of the Father who has created me and wait for the wonderful days He has ahead for me... I chose the latter!

This is my reminder of what the Lord has ahead for me:
"For I know the plans I have declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." (Jeremiah 29:11)

Please keep me in your prayers... I truly need them! I have a lot of major decisions ahead and need wisdom as I go through each one of them...

Have a precious night in Him!
Much love,
Through the One who strenghts me and hasn´t let me go,
Helinha s2