Sunday, January 17, 2010

God is SO faithful!

People I love so much,

I've been amazed at God's faithfulness and have to write something about it... my mind has been blown away in ways beyond what I can possibly describe and all I can say is... He's faithful! All the time... good, all the time! Placing our lives and our days in His precious hands is the best choice ever! I choose to live for Him... it's soooo worth it! There's noooo better life!
Last year was a year filled with challenges... losing one of the most important people of my life - my precious dad, who was the center of my days - moving to an unknown land knowing just some people and not being able to rely on them - as God wanted to teach me to rely on Him fully - getting adjusted to a culture that wasn't mine, to a language that wasn't mine (but that was given to me by the Holy Spirit, for God's glory!), to an unknown environment... and here I am, blessed beyond words, surrounded by a wonderful God-given family, precious friends who are there for me full time, involved in many, many different college ministries, meeting amazing people who love and serve the Lord fully... I'm SO blessed! All He asked of me was that I trusted Him in all things... whatever He promises, He delivers!
God is also taking care of my heart and working on bringing restoration to a relationship that has started in His precious heart... and He will get the glory for bringing us together!
In all things, at all days, at all times... to YOU BE THE GLORY, GOD!

Much love in Him,
Helen =)

P.S.: I got this tattoo, Magen David - the star of David - yesterday in honor of my precious parents, Maria de Lourdes Santana and Leon Pelipecki. My precious mom passed away on Jan. 7th, 1991, and my lovely dad last April 21st. I've been so inspired and blessed by their steps in my life and needed a permanent reminder in my skin of who they were and still are to me, to their important in my life and in who I am today... as I went further in studying about our background, our roots, I faced Jewish blood from both sides - mom's Spanish background and dad's Polish background, both of them Jewish. It's also a reminder of God's love, grace and faithfulness to Israel, the center of His promises... now I have those same promises in my skin! I love and miss my parents beyond words!

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