Tuesday, December 21, 2010

He's writing my story!

I'm blessed in watching God has been doing with my life... He is writing my story and I've gladly placed the pen in His hands. He's giving me the peace to just sit back and enjoy the ride... and there's comfort and peace when I say it.
These past two years have been interesting to say, at least... processing all the losses - a beloved dog that passed away in my arms after fighting epilepsy so bravely, my fiance, my beloved dad/hero/best friend... right after that being sent to the mission field through coming to America, learning to live in a completely different culture and feel that as home, adjusting to this same culture and relationships here, arriving here as an orphan and being given a family through God that is stronger and closer to me than my own earthly family - all in all I can say that God keeps blowing my mind! I don't focus on the losses, but on what's God is going to do with my story - He's all around my days.
God is moving fast. His timing isn't our timing... there's a sense of urgency in my soul related to the things He's placing in my hands to do. On my own I could never be the leader He is calling me to be... it's through His strength and through Him only that I have taken up the tasks He is graciously placing on my path and will finish them bravely, beautifully for His glory - it's His promise... He'll complete the work He has started in me.
After years of fighting, struggling, trying to get the control of my life, I finally surrender and admit... the Lord has had the control and the hands on my life all the time - simple statement, but not to a former control freak like me.
God wins. I'm His. My life is not my own... and I couldn't be happier in saying that!
The lesson for today and these past few weeks is... there's freedom in surrender!
No more me... more of You and less of me, Lord Jesus.
You have my life in Your precious, sweet hands...You've had it all along, and I just was blind to that. Thank You for giving me clarity and allowing me to see Your work, Your grace displayed through all my steps.
I live for Your glory only, to be a reflection of You on this earth.
My eyes are set on the goal, on the prize of spending eternity in heaven forever worshiping You... for now, I enjoy the ride of knowing You and making You known!
It has been and will continue to be a marvelous adventure with my Life-Giver!

In all things, I just recognize... You're Creator and I'm what You've made.

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