Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'm engaged to Christ!

... You're Creator and I'm what You've made.

Hello, beautiful people!
It has taken me a while to finally be able to upload a picture or anything related to my baptism that happened last night at ECHO at North Metro Church, the ministry that has been church to me since I first arrived here in Georgia. I'm still blown away at what God did last night... the worship, the message Rob shared, the baptisms... the Holy Spirit was just SO present in that place!
The whole week I felt God preparing me for that moment of going under the water, attending my own funeral, to the death of my old self and to the new 'me' being born through Christ Jesus... and by going under that same water, I was being born as the bride of Christ, engaged to Him, openly longing for the coming of my Lord, Savior, Lover, Best Friend... my Husband! Everything in that place screamed eternity!
Surrounded by the beautiful 'cloud of witnesses', people who have been watching me walk with the Lord - and fail at times, too... I'm far from being perfect, I'm just clay being molded in the hands of a Heavenly Father - people that I have met in different paths, ministries, churches... all there, over 100 people standing side by side with me as my death was proclaimed and as I raised out of the waters being made new in Christ Jesus... publicly! To the people who were there... through your presence there, I was overwhelmed by the Lord's presence... and what I mentioned in the video of my testimony of knowing that His love, His Spirit of adoption is real... He has adopted me through each of you! To all of you, my sincere 'Thank you!'! I love you all beyond words!
To my Savior, my Groom, all I can say is that I'm falling more and more in love with you each day and that I'm anxiously waiting for Your coming!
For the Spirit and the Bride, His Church, say 'Come, Lord Jesus, come!'
I couldn't be happier of being Yours!
I'm finally complete!

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