Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Letting go of a distorted notion of love!

Talking with a friend today I was led to think about God's grace. The truth that when I deserved nothing, He gave me everything has finally hit me, and became tangible in my life.
I've been in a long journey of finding beauty in myself through God. From abuse to relationships that led me to being hurt and made me feel like nothing to finding God and His real, tangible, refreshing, eternal love, the road has been tricky, but interesting. I have finally learned to let go of control, knowing that even the whole notion of control is nothing but an illusion. Control is in His hands. In letting go, I found God. In letting God, I found the love that is transforming my life - the way I see people, the world, myself. 'Letting go, letting God'... easy to say, hard to do... but what a freedom can be found in those simple words!
In this world, we are presented a distorted notion of love: we do everything to gain the person's attention, it's all our doing. We become people's pleasers - opposite notion to Colossians 3:23 - and nothing we do is ever enough. We are humans, in our flesh we fail. People will fail us at some point... that's life in a fallen world, in a fallen nature. God make us new creation, but we live in this tent called our flesh, still bound to our flaws until the day we die. He is still gracious in transforming us in our journey with Him, more and more according to His Son, but still... we fail and people will fail us at some point.
God's love is gracious, kind. Just go back to the description of real love presented in 1 Corinthians 13. The main difference between that distorted love presented to us by the world and God's love for us is... in the latter, it's all HIS doing. We are just receivers. There's nothing we can do to make Him love us more. NOTHING. That notion that blows my mind! He knows we will fail Him at some point then get back on track, but still... we all fail at some point. Through His infinite grace, He rescues us. Even His grace= undeserved favor. Accepting this transforming love is hard... it takes letting go of ourselves, of our old ways, dying to ourselves, allowing God to re-program, to install a new software in our minds, change our way of thinking - Romans 12:1. It's not easy... it's a process.
I'm going through that process right now, and falling more and more in love with this Lord and Savior! The more I receive and accept this love, the more I'm transformed and love people through the overflow of His perfect love for me. Once again... mind-blowing!
World's love - our doing, His love - His doing! I LOVE it! Oh, the sweet taste of the freedom found in His Spirit!

I pray these words bless you!
With all His love,
                          Helen =)

... You're Creator and I'm what You've made.

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  1. Like Paul said "Woe is me!Who can save me from this body of death!Praise be to God who delivers me through Jesus Christ our Lord."