Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Feliz aniversario to my soulmate, Josef!

Today is a day of thankfulness and praise to my God for one of the biggest gifts He has ever given me: my boyfriend and best friend Josef. In a story that just this amazing God could write, coming from Brazil and Czech Republic, we met in Georgia, in the United States. We were introduced in a trip going up a mountain through a Christian Ministry for international students, Friends of Internationals, by a Kenyan common friend. That same night, as I was going through a tough time, I prayed and said to a Brazilian friend, "I've met my husband today".
We have our differences. We have our similarities. In all things, God's grace is present. In all things, God is taking me back to the continent where my family started, Europe, to form my own family and start our lives together... lives lived to glorify God.
In all things... God is faithful. An answer regarding a job and a box were confirmation of what our Father is doing in bringing us together.
Carino, I love you beyond words!
I'm praying for a life filled with happiness and growth shared with you!

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