Sunday, January 29, 2012


I can truly sense God closing a chapter in my life and writing new ones. Yesterday I met a brother and friend I haven't seen in over ten years. I met Luci and Marcio still back in Brazil, while serving with them at Calvary Chapel Sao Vicente. They helped shape my first steps as a Christian and encouraged me to dream higher. The calling for their lives came, and with that, moving to the United States in 2001 to start new days... and I stayed there, knowing God would give me a season here. That came for me in 2009... I just never knew I would lose my dad - who was my hero and best friend - before boarding that plane to Atlanta, Georgia. Being in this country has been healing for me, and I've learned more about faith and walking with God than I could possibly express in words. In my heart, I dreamed about seeing again the people who were first lending me their hands as I got into dying to myself daily through professing Christ... that day came. I met Luci in July of 2011, along with my boyfriend - I watched the changes God brought to her life, her family, her children. Yesterday, it was the time for seeing Marcio, his family and his children. Here, God allowed me to meet the man through which I can see God's love and grace overflowing for me. God made the desires of their hearts reality... the same way He will make mine. I've seen the people who shaped the pillars, the foundation of my faith carrying the name of Christ in a foreign land... that will come for me. God will give me my family somewhere else, His heart is calling me to the old continent. I'll remain faithful to the One who loved me first.
He'll continue to direct my steps, leading me far and beyond.
Lord, here I am... SEND ME!

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